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Netflix's new documentary series, Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel outlines the mysterious death of a young Canadian woman, Elisa Lam, at a notorious Los Angeles hotel. 

Elisa Lam's Tumblr account is referenced throughout the series.

Editor's Choice: Elisa Lam's Tumblr Posts & Toxicology Report Draw Parallels To Her Mental Health

Planning planning planning for the West Coast tour… Elisa Lam

As it turns out, her account titled "Nouvelle-Nouveau" is still live online and you can read each of the posts mentioned in the true-crime documentary as well as many more. 

Lam was from Burnaby, B.C. and travelled to California alone in January of 2013 for a vacation. She went missing days after arriving in Los Angeles and The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel focuses on the investigation

You can see posts on Elisa Lam's blog leading up to her trip, when she books her flights, and upon her arrival. 

"I have arrived in Laland… and there is a monstrosity of a building next to the place I’m staying. when I say monstrosity mind you I’m saying as in gaudy. but then again it was built in 1928 hence the art deco theme so yes it IS classy but then since it’s LA it went on crack. Fairly certain this is where Baz Lurhmann needs to film the Great Gatsby," Lam wrote just before her disappearance. 

Posts from before her trip to California show that Elisa Lam may have been having a tough time. 

She wrote things like "I’m a bit down these days," "feeling really alone and lonely," and more of the same nature. 

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