If the end of 2019 and the entirety of 2020 will be remembered for anything other than the global pandemic it's going to go down as the rise of Baby Yoda.

That's right, from memes to Starbucks drinks, people have been pretty obsessed with the Star Wars character for some time now.

So much so, in fact, that the fandom has escalated to decorating Christmas trees by topping them with a Baby Yoda.

And we have some twitter pictures to prove it. Let the cuteness overload be with you! 

It simply can not get better than seeing Baby Yoda in a Christmas sweater. You're welcome. 

This fabulous tree is topped with Baby Yoda at center stage waving down in all smiles.

This tree displays the Star Wars character holding a pink ornament. Aw!

If you've ever wondered what Baby Yoda would look like with reindeer antlers look no further.

No need to ditch the iconic star this year either. In fact, this Twitter user put the star in the palm of his hands.

This Christmas topper is totally illusion worthy too. 

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