Canada's active COVID-19 cases have soared since the start of the month, as the total number of positive tests approaches 365,000.

In a report on November 29, CTV News revealed that Canada’s active case count has more than doubled since November 1.

Per the federal government's own data, there were 364,810 confirmed cases of COVID-19 as of Saturday, including 62,134 cases that were classified as active.

This is a huge increase when compared with the 28,875 cases that were active just four weeks earlier.

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Active cases of COVID-19 in Canada

This means between November 1 and November 28, an additional 33,259 positive tests were reported in Canada.

That's an increase of 115%.

This comes as multiple provinces have recorded record-breaking daily figures in the last week or so, including Ontario, Quebec, Alberta and more.

On Friday, the country as a whole set a new single-day record, confirming 5,967 new cases within 24 hours.

A week ago, when the total number of positive tests topped 330,000, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau urged Canadians to download the COVID-19 app.

“We need to get this second wave under control,” he said.

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