On Monday, December 28, Dr. Deena Hinshaw provided an update to the province in which she announced a case of the new U.K. COVID-19 variant in Alberta. 

"In Alberta, we now also identified a single case of COVID-19 caused by this variant in someone that had recently arrived from the U.K.," said the top doctor. 

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The good news is that this individual did everything that they were supposed to do, following quarantine and other public health measures.

Dr. Deena Hinshaw

She said that there is no evidence of further spread thanks to this individual following the public health measures.

The health official explained that the measures that are currently in place help to protect us from the new strain, as well as the COVID-19 that we’ve been dealing with throughout the pandemic.

“We must remain attentive to the orders in place,” said Hinshaw, saying that this is how we will avoid a big spike in cases come January.

During the update, she also reported the new case counts from the holidays.

She said there were 1,007 new cases on December 23, 1191 on December 24, 914 on December 25, 459 on December 26, and 917 on December 27. 

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