On Christmas Eve 2020, Donald Trump posted a video on Twitter that accused the president-elect, Joe Biden, of wide-spread voter fraud during the recent presidential election. 

The video begins by saying that Trump created millions of jobs, saved the economy during the pandemic, and led the effort to discover a vaccine at “warp speed.” It continues to say that Trump was rewarded with 74,000,000 votes.

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“More votes than any president,” said the video. Saying that Trump’s apparent victories in Ohio, Florida, and 95% of bellwether counties suggested “a landslide victory.”

“But something happened...” says the voice-over.

According to the narrator, some states “rushed out mail-in ballots, a recipe for fraud,” that dead people voted in this election, that “ballots miraculously appeared,” and that ballots with votes for Biden were added in the middle of the night.

The video calls the results of the election an “outrage” and urges Americans to call their legislators right away.

“Demand they fight for honest elections,” it says.

Trump posted the video on Christmas Eve with no caption. At the time of writing, it has now garnered 6.7 million views and 58.4 retweets.

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