Hold on to your hats! That's because Environment Canada just issued multiple weather warnings and statements in seven provinces and territories in anticipation of some not-so-great conditions. 

According to the agency, parts of B.C., Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Yukon should also brace for some wintry weather. 

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Provinces under weather warnings

Environment Canada pulled all the stops after issuing not only special weather statements and warnings but in some cases putting select provinces and territories on storm watch.

In B.C., four locations have wind warnings; one location also has a winter storm watch.

In Manitoba, 14 areas have winter warnings ranging from freezing rain, winter storm, snowfall and blizzards.

New Brunswick, in fact, saw 20 special weather statements. Many of the locations can expect to see rain and snow mostly on Saturday night through Sunday morning. 

Both northern and southern Ontario have also received weather statements, this time in 17 spots. The main theme that will be seen in some parts of the province will be freezing drizzle. 

Quebec will witness wintry weather in 37 places across the province ranging from snow to freezing drizzle.

Saskatchewan can expect five locations seeing either a winter storm or a blizzard as the province was issued a weather warning. 

The Yukon is expecting to see a change in conditions in three areas within the territory that ranges from a blizzard warning to a winter storm watch/warning.

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