This could come in handy out east. If you're in Nova Scotia, this hilarious guide will help you figure out how people in the province measure time and distance. It also tells you what people really mean when they say something is "right next door" or "a pretty good haul."

Someone posted a photo of a handy guide about the province's units of measurement in the Facebook group We Love Nova Scotia and it's pretty hilarious.

The measurements are separated into three distinct groups.

First, there's distance so right next door means one to two miles, right up the road means five to 10 miles and a couple of miles actually means 10 to 20 miles.

Then there's time.

If you're in Nova Scotia and someone says that something is "not too far", it's probably about 20 to 50 minutes away. A little ways means an hour and a pretty good haul means two hours.

Finally, there's a broader and even more hilarious group that's no help if you're trying to figure out where to go.

According to this guide, when someone says "drive down there" in Nova Scotia, that can mean literally any direction.

The person who posted to photo on Facebook said that units of measurement are so true.

Lots of people reacted to the post by saying it's true, accurate and funny in the comments section.

One person said, "distance is a strange thing in the Maritimes."

Someone else said, "I'm from the Maritimes. It's up, down, left or right" and not north, east, south or west.

Another person pointed out that the guide could be changed a bit.

"It would be nice to update this in metric so our younger generation can get in on it," they said.

There are lots of unique things on Canada's east coast whether it's food, remote islands or wildlife experiences.

Newfoundland has its own version of poutine that's made with fries, dressing and gravy. The "dressing" part of the dish is actually what most people would consider stuffing.

There are two secluded islands off Nova Scotia and New Brunswick that are havens for animals like wild horses and puffins.

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