As if there aren't enough things to worry about this year, now Canadians need to be cautious of hand sanitizer poisoning.

In an attempt to protect their children from getting COVID-19, it seems some parents have unintentionally exposed them to possibly being poisoned by the very product intended to keep them safe.   

According to a report by CBC News, three provinces and territories saw a surge in accidental poisonings involving children from January to September.

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Accidental poisonings involving children from January to September

Ontario, Manitoba and Nunavut reported 536 cases of poisonings compared to the 318 cases seen at the same time last year.

The month of August alone had the most case increases at 101 poisonings reported. The same time last year saw only 29, per the report.

This is largely due to COVID-19 and Canadians incorporating sanitization more and more in their everyday life.

Statistics from Health Canada said that there was a rise in accidental poisonings related to cleaning products. Apparently, kids were also drinking hand sanitizer.

In addition, between February and March, Canada saw a 58% increase in exposures reported, many involving cleaning products, disinfectants and hand sanitizers where adults were also victims.

With recent counterfeit hand sanitizers running completely rampant in Canada it is hard to stay on track with what is real and what isn't.

And even if you scored the real deal, it is still a risk of it getting recalled.

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