Good things are to come! That was the message coming from Justin Trudeau this week, as he revealed he is feeling hopeful ahead of 2021 in Canada.

In a statement shared on December 31, the prime minister acknowledged that 2020 was tough for many people.

“Tonight, across the country, Canadians will count down to midnight to welcome a new year, and reflect on the one that has passed,” he wrote.

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In 2021, we will continue our fight against COVID-19 with a renewed sense of hope.

Justin Trudeau

Reflecting on the year, the PM admitted it was “challenging” as he mentioned the global COVID-19 pandemic, acts of “senseless violence” that occurred and “heartbreaking stories and calls for justice from racialized Canadians and Indigenous peoples…”

However, Justin Trudeau spoke of “a renewed sense of hope” that is being carried into the new year.

Sharing his goals for 2021, the Liberal leader spoke of ensuring all Canadians will have free access to vaccines “as soon as possible,” as well as continuing to support people via COVID-19 benefits.

In addition, he promised to “make our country stronger, more sustainable, and more just for everyone.”

According to his message, this means “building a more inclusive economy” and working to address “the systemic barriers that discriminate against too many Canadians.”

Trudeau also spoke of taking further action when it comes to climate change, particularly by investing in clean energy and technologies. 

He concluded the statement by adding, “Now, as we look to the opportunities that await us in 2021, let us all continue to build a Canada that is stronger, fairer, and more equitable for everyone.”

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