Climate Change Is Having A Huge Impact On Canada’s Animals & 10 Species Are Now In Danger

This includes whales, marmots and many more.🦫🥺
Climate Change In Canada Is Having A Huge Impact On Animals & 10 Species Are In Danger
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The animals need our help! Climate change in Canada is having a huge impact on the livelihood of so many species in the country, including creatures like marmots, narwhals, and whales.

In December, the United Nations Environment Programme published their Emissions Gap Report 2020, which revealed that the Earth is still set to warm up by over 3 C by the end of this century.

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Perhaps unsurprisingly, these warming temperatures put many species in danger of extinction, particularly in some of Canada’s coldest regions.

In a new report in collaboration with the WWF and the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC), CTV News shared exactly which Canadian beings are most at-risk right now.

Canada’s most endangered mammal is the Vancouver Island marmot, which aren’t found anywhere else on Earth, but there are only around 200 left.

Arctic caribou in Canada’s Far North are also at risk, as they’re particularly vulnerable to the warming effects of climate change.

Chinook salmon are also in trouble as hotter conditions are impacting their ability to migrate; they're an essential food source for sea lions and orcas, which means their wellbeing can have a snowball effect.

Collared pikas, which are the same weight as a baseball, are under threat, as well as spiny softshell turtles, narwhals, Atlantic walruses, North Atlantic right whales and so many more.

Earlier this month, the Canadian government announced a brand new plan to tackle climate change, which came with $15 billion in related investments. 

Helena Hanson
Senior Editor
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