As far as driving anger goes, this is pretty intense. Just after noon on Wednesday, August 12, an Ontario road rage incident saw a driver fly off the handle in a big way in Smith Falls, say police.

The incensed driver, 20-year-old Hayden McDonald from Smith Falls, actually whipped out an axe and threw it at another vehicle.


McDonald brandished an axe from the rear of his vehicle and threw it at the victim’s vehicle.

Smith Falls Police

McDonald was found shortly after the incident, arrested, and charged with possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose, assault with a weapon, and mischief under $5000.

There have been a number of traffic offences and reckless driving incidents over the past few months and police all over Ontario have been attempting to crack down on the trend.

This one, though, is something else entirely.

Ontario, if you're feeling stressed on the road, take a minute to find your inner peace, or at least... don't throw an axe.

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