That’s a lot of potential fraudsters! The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has revealed just how many tips they’ve received about possible CERB and CESB cheats.

The CRA, via CBC News, has revealed that tens of thousands of tips have been received about suspected benefits cheats.

The agency received more than 20,000 confidential tips about possible fraudsters, all related to COVID-19 emergency benefit programs.

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Tips received by the CRA

According to the CRA, all of these anonymous tips will be checked out for evidence of fraud.

The agency says they will check records against tax slips from employers to validate if a claimant was eligible for the benefits they cashed-in.

Despite initially threatening fines or jail time for CERB cheaters, the federal government has since backtracked on such punishments.

Instead, those caught having fraudulently claimed the benefits will be contacted by the CRA to make repayment arrangements.

The Canada Revenue Agency also confirmed that they’d received over 830,000 voluntary CERB and CESB repayments already.

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