Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is on the lookout for Canadians to join Canada's Liberal Party ahead of the next federal election.

In a public call on social media, the Liberal leader asked interested Canadians to consider being part of his team as a candidate.

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"If you’ve been rolling up your sleeves and working to help your community, and if you care deeply about the future of this country, consider joining our team as a Liberal candidate," Trudeau said in a tweet on Tuesday.

The PM also said that he wants to make sure all voices are "included, reflected and represented in the work of shaping Canada's future."

Anyone interested in being part of the Liberal team is asked to apply online to become a candidate or nominate someone they know.

"I’m asking you to consider putting your name forward — to help move this country forward — to become a Liberal Member of Parliament," Trudeau's statement on the website reads.

"It’s a tall ask and a big commitment, but the things worth fighting for usually are," he added.

Interested applicants are asked to start by learning more about the Liberal Party’s nomination process and getting in touch with their local riding association.

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