November 26 is Thanksgiving in the U.S., which means many Americans are taking the time to share what they’re particularly thankful for this year.

In honour of the occasion, “things we should thank Trump for” has started trending on Twitter.

However, it seems the majority of those using the hashtag aren't exactly fans of the incumbent president. 

In fact, some of the responses are seriously ruthless!

By Thursday afternoon, more than 27,000 people had used the hashtag to share why they were "thankful" for Donald Trump.

Unfortunately for Trump, though, it seems most of the responses weren’t totally genuine and complimentary.

For example, one Twitter user thanked the world leader for “giving us a new appreciation for posture,” while another thanked him for giving us “renewed appreciation for tailored suits.” Eek!

Another American took the time to thank Trump for actually making them get out and vote during the 2020 presidential election.

Then there was this reference to the Four Seasons drama, where the Trump admin accidentally organized a press conference at a landscaping business instead of the Four Seasons hotel — "making it so we can all afford to get married at the Four Seasons."

Multiple Twitter users also said they were thankful in advance for the moment the president actually leaves the White House.

That said, he’s still yet to concede the election — it remains to be seen when that will be!

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