Nick Gunz wasn't expecting anything when he tweeted a picture of Alison Jenkins's notebook, but over 500 retweets later, it seems like people are invested in trying to solve this Toronto mystery.

UPDATE: Gunz told Narcity over Twitter that he has found the Alison Jenkins in question — now a music teacher in Vancouver — and is coordinating with her to send the notebook back.

EARLIER: Alison Jenkins is the name written on a notebook hidden away in Gunz's parent's crawl space, seemingly lost since it was written back in 1983.

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Gunz tweeted a picture of the notebook on Christmas Eve, but he told Narcity over the phone that the notebook was found pre-pandemic.

He only read it to find out the name and date, due to a "dire warning on the front."

"A number of people have said online, 'Oh my god, I would be mortified to read my childhood diary,' so I'm aware that even opening the book has some ethical questions," Gunz said.

He thinks Jenkins might have attended Islington Junior Middle School, but his research has been limited by pandemic closures to city archives.

Until archives are re-opened, he's hoping Alison Jenkins will find the tweet, message him to get the notebook back, and enjoy the memories within.

"It might be funny to receive something like this," Gunz said, "because we're such different people as middle schoolers than we are as adults.

"I hope that if you can get these books and read them again, it will be something that gives you happiness and fond memories."

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