Toronto and the Peel region are officially in lockdown and many small businesses have been forced to close their doors.  

Meanwhile, big-box stores will be allowed to stay open, which is an injustice that Doug Ford claims he's well aware of. 

The premier addressed the controversial issue during a press conference on November 23, 2020.

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If a large store is open, it would be because they are serving either one of the essential services, be it groceries, pharmacy products, hardware.

Dr. Barbara Yaffe, Associate Chief Medical Officer of Health 


"It's not fair," the Ontario leader said when asked why big stores, like Hudson's Bay, could keep their doors open. 

However, under the new restrictions, these spots are allowed to remain open as long as they are selling essential services such as groceries, hardware supplies and pharmacy products. 

"After speaking to some of the big box stores, it would be a logistical nightmare," Ford added when asked if bigger stores could be limited to only selling essentials.  

"Again, I know this is not fair. And that's why we put an additional $300M in to help small businesses," he concluded. 

Ford stated his government would do its best to protect "the little guy."

He also noted he would be looking at companies like Hudson's Bay to see if they can truly be deemed essential. 

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