Students may not get their full summer break this year. 

Mayor John Tory asked the Ontario government and local schools on Friday to consider extending students' winter break.

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They could agree, all the teachers and everybody else, to teach for any extra week into July when one assumes we might have our hands on this thing through the vaccines and so on.

Mayor John Tory

The idea, which Tory believes will help keep COVID-19 out of the schools, could result in classes being pushed into early July.

However, at the end of the day, Tory said that it is the Ontario government and the school board's decision. 

"The government makes that decision, the Ontario government, and the school boards. I just think that it's something they should seriously look at and I'm sure they are," Tory told CP24.

The Toronto District School Board asked the Ford government in an open letter on Wednesday to push winter break into the first two weeks of January.

However, no official plan has yet been put into action.

On Thursday, Windsor-Essex County Health Unit announced that all schools in the area would be shutting down a week early for the winter break.  

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