Chief Medical Officer Dr. Eileen De Villa had sobering words to share today as Toronto's COVID-19 cases continue to break records.

As Ontario reported 2,923 new cases on Wednesday — with 1,069 in Toronto — Dr. Eileen De Villa delivered three key points, starting with a warning that the city should brace for worsening numbers.

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We should brace for an extended period of potentially unsettling and discouraging numbers in terms of COVID-19 infections in Toronto. 

Dr. Eileen De Villa

De Villa's second key point was that the city would soon be announcing further measures for workplaces.

"Early next week, Toronto Public Health will announce additional actions meant to reduce risks associated with COVID-19 in workplaces," she said.

"These steps by Toronto Public Health are meant to create as much distance and safety as possible," De Villa continued.

Her last point was a simple one:

"We have no choice but to resolve to keep apart as much as possible to limit further spread at these levels, or at any level." 

Ontario remains in a province-wide shutdown, which will stay in place until January 9 for northern Ontario and January 23 for southern and eastern Ontario.


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