Mayor John Tory had some choice words for the people who broke into a Toronto ice rink for some late-night shinny.

"I know many people are tired of the public health restrictions and many believe they've been following them to the letter and they're mad at seeing others ignore the rules," he said on Monday.

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For the life of me, I cannot understand why a group of grown adults would, for example, completely ignore the very reasonable rules and hours of operation of our rinks.

Mayor John Tory 

During his remarks, a frustrated Tory said he was baffled by the skaters' blatant disregard of the facility's rules.

"I can't understand why those basic rules can't be followed and yet, we have adults showing up to do that late at night and then, in some cases, giving staff a very hard time when they are reminded of these rules."

A City of Toronto representative confirmed to Narcity that "there have been reported incidents of staff receiving verbal abuse about the limited capacity on rinks and other skating restrictions as well as reports of people playing shinny hockey after supervised hours."

These individuals were removed by authorities and trespassing orders were issued as required.*

Also on Monday, Guelph's Market Square Rink was forced to close down after maskless skaters flooded the ice on numerous occasions. 

In addition to the skaters, Tory called out the attendees of "big social gatherings" over the weekend.

"Why do people have the big social gatherings the police had to visit over the weekend?" he asked, noting that these gatherings were attended in "fairly large numbers."

*This article has been updated.

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