A Toronto church is pushing back against Ontario's lockdown, arguing its restrictions infringe on residents' religious rights. 

The Toronto International Celebration Church filed an application to the Toronto Superior Court Of Justice on Tuesday.

The application states that the church is "seeking to declare the law that prohibits them from holding in-person church services unconstitutional and of no force and effect."

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At a time when many are suffering with isolation, depression and a sense of despair the most loving thing a local church can do is to open its doors wide open while maintaining public health standards.

Peter Youngren, founding pastor 

The organization is now calling on the Superior Court to review the framework of the province's COVID-19 bylaws. 

Churches in Toronto are restricted to in-person gatherings of 10 people indoors due to the city's grey level lockdown.

TICC claims it operated effectively under the province's previous lockdown restrictions which allowed it to run at 30 percent capacity.

The church also ensured the court that they are not "COVID-19 deniers" and plan to follow public health guidelines.

"We have carefully adhered to all the government requirements regarding safe distancing, wearing masks and only operating at a 30 per cent capacity," Peter Youngren, the church's founding pastor, wrote.

"However, we are deeply concerned about equal treatment under the law."

Toronto's lockdown measures are currently scheduled to end on December 21, 2020.

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