After meeting more than a dozen times since the pandemic has started, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has once again shared his position on his relationship with Canadian provincial leaders.     

This time, Trudeau had to clarify that the federal government is not more important than provincial ones.

In a press conference Friday, he was asked to comment on the billions of federally allocated dollars provinces have received and whether they are properly spending the emergency cash.

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We work as partners.

Justin Trudeau 

He responded that his job was to make sure Canadian provinces had all the resources they need to fight COVID-19.

"It's important to remember that we are in a federation where the federal government is not higher than, or more important than provincial governments," Trudeau said. "We work as partners."

This may be a welcomed message for Premier Doug Ford who has said that he does not want to be babied by the "nanny state."

Trudeau said the federal government has answered calls for support and that it "will continue to." 

In terms of whether the money was spent in the right ways, he explained those are questions that the citizens of those provinces and organizations should ask. 

"My responsibility as prime minister is to be there to ensure that provinces have all the tools necessary to respond to this crisis, and that's what we've done."

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