With the election on the horizon for our neighbours to the south, many Canadians have been left to wonder about the U.S. election's impact on Canada

In fact, according to new survey data from Leger, 75% of Canadians say that they are worried about the outcome.

Of that 75%, 30% are "very worried" and 45% are "somewhat worried."* The data also puts forth six elements that are playing into Canadians' fear surrounding the big event. 

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  • Increased racial tensions leading to protests and violence 
  • The possibility of civil unrest or violence in the streets 
  • No clear winner on election day, and the chaos that could follow if it takes a long time 
  • The loser refusing to accept the loss 
  • A total political crumble in the U.S. leading to social chaos 
  • A stock market crash in the days following the election

The above elements are listed in order of the greatest to least amount of concern. For example, 80% of Canadians said they were worried about racial tensions and 62% said they were worried about the stock market. 

From province to province, the amount of concern varies, according to the data. 

It appears Quebec is the most concerned about the outcome of the U.S. election and Manitoba and Saskatchewan are the least worried. 

The survey also compares how much Americans are stressed about the same elements.

While they are less bothered by the possibility of racial tension than Canadians are, they are more worried about civil unrest and not having a clear winner on election day. 

*Editor's note: This article has been updated.

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