As Donald Trump continues to claim the U.S. election was fraudulent, Justin Trudeau has reassured Canadians that the projected results are “quite certain.”

Speaking during a press conference on Monday, November 9, the Canadian PM acknowledged the unusual circumstances that have unfolded on the other side of the border since last week.

In French, he explained, “I think people should feel assured that there are experts and systems that have a lot of integrity in the United States.”

“They’re doing their job, sometimes in difficult circumstances,” he added.

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Once the declaration was clearly made, which happened over the weekend, we can be quite certain of the results.

Justin Trudeau

While the PM assured Canadians that the projected result is “quite certain,” Donald Trump is still yet to concede.

After Joe Biden was announced as president-elect, Trump sent out a series of tweets suggesting the election process was fraudulent.

He is now threatening legal action against the result.

Despite Trump’s claims, Trudeau took to Twitter over the weekend to congratulate Biden and Kamala Harris on their election win.

During the same press conference on Monday, the PM gave Harris yet another shout-out and described her as an “inspiration.”

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