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US Election: Toronto Is Reacting To Joe Biden Being Called The New President

After projections came out for the U.S. election, Toronto is reacting to Joe Biden being named president-elect. 

Mayor John Tory congratulated Biden on Twitter and said that the city of Toronto is committed to working with the U.S. during and after the pandemic to strengthen both economies.

"The United States is our closest friend and biggest customer and we will build back better together for ALL of our people, without exception," he said.

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People have been posting on Twitter about noise erupting in different parts of the city when multiple news outlets called Biden the winner of the election based on their projections.

Toronto resident Keith Lam shared a video of people in his neighbourhood cheering and making noise. 

Canada's leaders also weighed in on the projections.

Justin Trudeau congratulated Biden and Kamala Harris on Twitter.

Also, Jagmeet Singh tweeted his congratulations to Biden and thanked Harris for making history.

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