Jagmeet Singh Sent The Sweetest Message To Kamala Harris For Her Historic Win

Such a nice sentiment!
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Jagmeet Singh Thanked Kamala Harris As She Makes History Being Called Vice President-Elect

This is so touching! Jagmeet Singh thanked Kamala Harris as she makes history in the U.S.

After congratulating Joe Biden once he had been called the president-elect of the U.S. by multiple news outlets, Singh reached out to vice president-elect Harris on Twitter.

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Today, you've made history. The first woman and person of colour to be elected Vice President. Jagmeet Singh

The NDP leader pointed out that Harris is the first woman and person of colour to be called vice president.

Though, he said that more importantly, she's sparked the imaginations of future generations of young women.

"Thank you," he said simply.

Justin Trudeau also congratulated Harris and Biden and said he looks forward to working with both of them.

Harris has a Canadian connection as she lived and went to school in Montreal for many years.

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