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7 Times Jagmeet Singh Got Super Sassy With The Prime Minister On Social Media

Singh isn't afraid to tag Trudeau in his posts, either! 😬

Ouch, that one must have hurt! When it comes to calling out Justin Trudeau on social media, it seems Jagmeet Singh is pretty fearless.

The NDP leader is no stranger to social media and he certainly made waves on the internet during the 2019 federal election campaign.

While he’s been known to use the sites for sharing recipes, dancing and even creating election-inspired TikToks, he’s also not afraid to get super-sassy with the Canadian PM.

In the last few months alone, Singh has publicly accused Trudeau of failing to tackle issues like systemic racism, police brutality and climate change.

The NDP leader is not afraid to tag Trudeau in his tweets, either!

Just in case you missed them, here are some of Singh's wildest zingers so far.

"Out Of Touch"

Back in July, the NDP leader took to social media to urge the PM to provide more financial assistance for students during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Singh told Trudeau he was "out of touch with the reality most people in Canada are living." Ouch!

Worse Than Trump

Speaking about police brutality in Canada, and across the rest of the world, also back in July, Singh had some sharp words for the Liberal leader.

"He [Trudeau] has done less to address police brutality and violence than even Trump has done. And that is shameful," the NDP leader said.

Looked Him In The Eyes

After calling on the Liberal leader multiple times to take stronger action on racism in Canada, Singh took a more personal approach on October 4.

He told Twitter that he’d looked Trudeau in the eyes “more times than I wish” and asked him to do more.

"Pandemic Profiteer"

In October, Singh took a Prime Day double-dig at both Jeff Bezos and Justin Trudeau.

He accused the Amazon CEO of being a “pandemic profiteer” and said the reason the company was able to pay “$0 in taxes” was thanks to the prime minister.

"Pretty Speeches"

When it comes to the issue of systemic racism in Canada, Singh clearly isn’t afraid to tackle Trudeau head-on.

Earlier this year, Singh told the PM that Canadians were “[...] done with pretty speeches, particularly pretty speeches from people in power that could do something about it right now if they wanted to.”

He even recorded a TikTok video to prove his point!

"Playing Politics"

It seems 17-year-old Greta Thunberg isn’t the only one who has roasted Trudeau for his efforts to combat climate change.

Back in September, the NDP leader accused him of “playing politics with our planet’s future.” Yikes!

COVID-19 "Sucks"

As part of an emotional speech in October, the prime minister said the COVID-19 situation in Canada “really sucks.”

Singh later called Trudeau out via Twitter and listed a few reasons why he thought the PM had made the pandemic suck just a little bit more.