Another Canadian Thanksgiving is here, and that means it's time to revisit Jagmeet Singh's signature dish: Punjabi poutine.

The NDP leader once again shared his personal recipe on Instagram and addressed the fact that this year the holiday is very different.

"Thanksgiving is normally time for friends, family, good food & sharing," Singh wrote in his caption, "But, the pandemic has made things tough this year."

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"So, I'd like to try and brighten things up and share a throwback video of my #PunjabiPoutine."

While he did not include the step-by-step instructions this year, he did still post the list of ingredients, giving all the cooks out there a chance to improvise and experiment.

If you'd rather make the dish exactly like the NDP leader, you can also consult his 2019 Twitter post that introduced the world to this twist on a French Canadian classic.

The recipe calls for sweet potatoes, cheese curds (naturally), and a blend of spices for the gravy.

If you want something to serve with your turkey besides mashed potatoes and green beans, this might be a fun dish to try out.