Jagmeet Singh Just Called Out Trump & Said His Behaviour Is 'Reckless & Dangerous'

"Covid-19 is a big deal."
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Jagmeet Singh Said Donald Trump's Behaviour Is 'Reckless & Dangerous'

Canada’s NDP leader is not holding back! On Tuesday, Jagmeet Singh said Donald Trump’s behaviour is “reckless and dangerous” when it comes to COVID-19.

In a pointed tweet shared on October 6, Jagmeet Singh took aim at U.S. President Donald Trump.

Describing the American president’s behavior as “reckless and dangerous,” Singh wrote “Covid-19 is a big deal.”

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“Wear a mask and help save lives,” concluded the NDP leader on Tuesday.

Singh’s comments come just days after President Trump was diagnosed with COVID-19.

Despite a short stint in hospital, Trump returned to the White House on Monday evening.

His return caused controversy worldwide after a video showed him removing his mask almost instantly.

The president also sent a series of tweets with messages such as “Don’t be afraid of Covid,” “Don’t let it [COVID-19] dominate your life,” and “FEELING GREAT!”

Canada's prime minister is yet to comment on Trump’s controversial tweets. 

Singh has called-out Trudeau in the past for failing to stand up to the American President.

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