One Canadian city just ranked as one of the healthiest on the planet and another wasn't far behind! 

Vancouver cracked the top 10 list of cities in the world where people have an outstanding overall lifestyle, according to Lenstore U.K's Healthy Lifestyle Cities Report 2021.

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Healthiest city in the world

The report looked at 44 cities in the world in order to identify where exactly individuals could live a "well-rounded healthy lifestyle."

According to the report, many people want to take better care of themselves in 2021. Perhaps a change in scenery and environment could do just the trick. 

"Fitness and diet are not the only measurements of healthiness - although they do play a big part. Sometimes it’s about our surrounding environment, as well as lifestyle choices," the report read.

Of the mix, Vancouver came in at number 10 of 44 cities.

Toronto also made the list, sitting at number 15.

Amsterdam came in at number one with cities like Sydney, Vienna, Stockholm, Copenhagen taking the other top spots.

Canada has been making waves globally too after beating out the U.S for its global passport power.

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