Ouch, burn! Ryan Reynolds just got the roast of a lifetime after Hugh Jackman beat him in a special charity event. 

The two actors partnered with Sam’s Club, a membership retailer, and went head to head in selling items from their personal brands.

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This means Reynolds' Aviation Gin went up against Jackman's Laughing Man Coffee.

The aim of the competition was to see who could sell the most merch, with total profits being matched in donations of equal value by Sam's Club to the SickKids Foundation and Laughing Man Foundation.

In the end, the Deadpool star took a major loss and had to endure some taunts from the Australian actor as a result.

In a now-viral video posted on Twitter, Jackman received a call announcing him as the winner, after which he wasted no time calling his friend to gloat about it.

"You lost the Sam's Club thing," he says with a hilarious stone-cold expression.

"I won, everyone hates you, bye!" joked the Aussie.

"Quite literally, I have a legal obligation to post this," Reynolds said, posting the interaction. 

The Canadian-born actor also teamed up with SickKids Hospital this holiday to raise even more money for people in need!

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