This sums up the year pretty well. The new commercial Ryan Reynolds just shared on social media shows the devil and 2020 hooking up. 

It all starts 11 months ago when Satan connects with 2020 on Match while in hell and then goes to Earth for a meetup.

Then, quite literally, all hell breaks loose.

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The commercial shows the devil and 2020 doing very on-brand things for this year, like having a picnic with nobody around them, working out two metres apart at the gym, and watching a movie in an empty theatre.

Plus, they steal a bunch of toilet paper and pose in front of a dumpster fire. How appropriate! 

At the end, they sit on a bench while looking at a city skyline that's being engulfed in flames and Satan says, "I just don't want this year to end."

2020 replied with, "who would?"

The commercial was made by Reynolds' production company Maximum Effort and was also written by him, according to Taylor Swift.

Her new re-recording of the song "Love Story" fittingly plays in the background of the commercial.

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