It's hard to put wealth into perspective. What does a $30 million salary really look like? For Kyle Lowry, it means a new Ferrari delivered to his doorstep.

Lowry treated himself today to a brand new Ferrari 812 GTS, flexing it on his Instagram story for the world to see. 

According to Forbes, Lowry is expected to earn a total of $30 million in 2020. 

So, let's do some math.

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The absolute starting point of a Ferrari 812 GTS sits at about CA$486,000, according to Business Insider. That's before taxes, fees, and any upgrades.

So, after taxes, fees, and upgrades, Lowry's new whip would come to approximately CA$1,000,000, give or take.

If he makes $30,000,000 a year, a $1,000,000 bill would only cost him 3.33% of his yearly salary.

According to Payscale, the average Torontonian makes $64,000 a year. 

That means that 3.33% of your yearly income is $2,131.

So, Kyle Lowry buying a Ferrari 812 GTS for $1,000,000 is the equivalent of the average Torontonian buying a $2,131 car. 

Although, $2,000 doesn't hold a candle to the $100,000 Raptors fans were paying to see Lowry play in the 2019 Finals, so maybe Torontonians actually love big purchases.

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