People on Twitter are reminiscing about the old looks of US fast-food restaurants and it's weirdly soothing to look at.

It all started with one user sharing a photo of one particular ghost of the past: The Wendy's yellow cup.

This started a chain reaction, "Yellow Wendy" began trending, and a bunch of people started sharing old photos of fast-food restaurants around the country.

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In Memoriam: The Wendy's yellow cup.

Looking at a photo of what Taco Bell looked like when you were a child is simply very comforting — that is just science (note: I am not a scientist).

Taco Bell used to look...extremely cool, honestly.

The colors are good! I want to live inside of a '90s-era Taco Bell!

And I'm sorry, but how about when people could just...smoke inside of a McDonald's?

Please do not forget about when McDonald's had actual hamburger seats with eyes and highchair seats for babies had wheels, for some reason.

Also, please NEVER forget about the tree with the face that existed in some McDonald's restaurants in the '80s (and '90s).

Seriously, this tree's face (which is its whole body??) is VERY TROUBLING, GENERALLY.

McDonald's used to be an EXPERIENCE.


Can we talk about Pizza Hut for a second, because those old school chandelier lamps hanging from the ceiling are a whole mood.

They' beautiful...

And, then, of course, there were the toys, but honestly, that's a WHOLE other thing.

These Halloween pales of yore are relics, only found in old family photos at this point.

This is haunting.

Hello, "Batman Forever" collector cups, I've missed you with my whole heart.

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