The National Football League has officially entered playoff season, meaning the next Super Bowl is right around the corner.

With the COVID-19 pandemic still in effect, it is not yet known if the big game will host a crowd or not, but NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell came up with an idea to thank those who have been heroes during these trying times.

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We all know that over the past year, these frontline workers have put their own lives at risk to the benefit and we owe them our ongoing gratitude.

Roger Goodell

The commissioner sent a letter to Rob Higgins, president of the Tampa Super Bowl Host Committee, asking for permission to allow some lucky vaccinated health care workers to be in attendance at the championship game.

Goodell writes in the letter that this could also be an opportunity to promote the importance of vaccinations and appropriate health care practices.

There has been no official word on if health care workers will be invited to the game or not, but it's safe to say they definitely deserve it after helping everyone get through what was undoubtedly a hard year.

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