Hope is on the horizon thanks to multiple vaccines being administered around the world as the COVID-19 pandemic continues.

But a new study revealed you may have to do more than just get the shot for it to be fully effective.

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Vaccines administered in the US so far

MetroUK reports the new study asks those who are set to receive the vaccine to avoid drinking alcohol before and immediately after because it can alter certain microorganisms in the gut that help stop the virus from spreading, according to Professor Sheena Cruickshank.

The discovery comes after emergency medicine expert Dr. Ronx Ikharia found that just three glasses of Prosecco greatly reduced the levels of white blood cells, including one type called lymphocytes that help kill the virus.

But the study is still being debated, as some scientists still believe that some alcohol is okay to be consumed before or after you get the vaccine, including Dr. Alexander Gintsburg, who helped develop the first registered COVID-19 vaccine known as "Sputnik V."

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