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Reporting A COVID-19 Test Dodger Can Get You Paid In This Chinese City

The COVID-19 pandemic continues in the year 2021, and it seems some cities around the world have decided to take further action to slow down the spread.

The city of Nangong in northern China is even starting to pay residents to report others who are evading a massive COVID-19 testing campaign.

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500 yuan Paid to those who provide useful details 

The offer of 500 yuan for any useful details, which equals to about $77 USD, comes as the surrounding province of Hebei goes through a mandatory testing campaign.

The Daily Mail reports the effort was put into place due to the most serious outbreak of COVID-19 the country has experienced in six months.

Those who are caught dodging the test will be given a nucleic acid test and a mandatory 14-day quarantine, even if they test negative. 

As of January 8, the country has performed over 160 million tests for COVID-19 and has had over 97,000 positive cases.

Those numbers actually seem quite small to the United States, where over 265 million tests have been administered and nearly 22 million cases have been confirmed. 

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