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20 Golden Retrievers Just Got Rescued From A Meat Market In China & Sent To Forever Homes

A recent golden retriever rescue brought 20 dogs who were facing slaughter and meat markets in China to Miami and then to their brand new forever homes. 

The rescue mission was long in the works and was carried out by Golden Rescue South Florida. According to WSVN News, a rescue group in China had contacted the U.S. organization for help. 

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20 dogs from China... 20 happy adopters. Golden Rescue South Florida

According to a post on Facebook made by the rescue organization, the mission was no simple task. 

Because of mechanical issues, the dogs' trip experienced a 40-hour delay. The animals were allegedly stranded in Taiwan and not allowed out of their kennels. 

"The Taiwan SPCA and PETA got involved. As well as our partners assisting in this rescue in China and Chicago. The dogs were monitored, fed and given water. They still could not be released from their crates though," wrote Golden Rescue. 

This didn't stop the organization. When the pups finally arrived on Sunday, December 20, they were met with 20 volunteers and given medical checks. 

After all that time in their crates, the dogs were filthy and required cleaning. 

"After all they’d been through...out they came as Goldens are. Joyful, tags wagging...kisses given. OMG what a joy to see!" said the rescue organization. 

"What an incredible undertaking. What an incredible undertaking! And guess what. We’re going to DO IT AGAIN...soon."

Yes, yes we are crying. 

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