Fall in Canada can be a magical time, and Ontario is no exception. From small, local enclaves to the enormous provincial and national parks, there are a lot of spots to see the beauty this province has to offer.

And the vibrant colours that accompany these incredible places this time of year are unlike anything else.

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Located in Peterborough County, Kasshabog Lake is only a couple of hours drive from Toronto and is just as stunning to look at from the ground as it is from above.

Mono Cliffs Provincial Park is just one of many places in Southern Ontario that are ideal to watch the fall foliage given the variety of trees found there.

While the waterfall at Albion Falls in Hamilton is the main attraction of this place, spending some time exploring the area can be just as visually rewarding.

With over 16km of trails, the Durham Regional Forest in Uxbridge offers plenty of fall viewing spots to photograph, or to simply look up in awe.

Lake Superior Provincial Park is massive - covering over 1500 square kilometres - and the vast number of trees makes it an ideal spot for fall.

The Belfountain Conservation Area is simply pretty in the Fall. Reservations are mandatory now, but it's worth it to view the amazing scenery.

Algonquin Park is a go-to for those in Toronto wanting to leave the city and explore nature. Just looking at the images, it's easy to see why.

But for those in Toronto who don't want to trek out that far for that amazing leaf-peeping experience, York Regional Forest has your back.