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France Just Opened Its Borders To Canadian Tourists & It Wants The Same In Return ASAP

Officials say there are "consequences" for not allowing French people entry into Canada.👇

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Now that France has officially reopened its borders to Canadian tourists, the country expects the same in return "relatively quickly."

Speaking at the French embassy in Ottawa on Tuesday, a representative for the French government said that Canada must work to reopen its international borders as soon as possible.

"The borders will have to be reopened relatively quickly now for us to put Canada back on our travel plans," French Ambassador Kareen Rispal said, per Global News.

"If not, it's true that French ministers will go to the countries where they can go," she warned.

This comes as travellers from Canada are now permitted to visit France for non-essential purposes. However, this is not reciprocated as Canada's international borders remain closed to all discretionary international travellers.

"The consequence of the border closure is that there are no more visits," Rispal continued. "There are no more ministers. There are no more parliamentarians. There are no more manufacturing visits. There are no more visits by artists."

She added that these "relationships need to be worked on every day, to nourish them."

The current ban on international travel into Canada is set to expire on July 21, although this could be extended once again.

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