Here's Canada's Guide For Safely Socializing Based On Your COVID-19 Vaccination Status

Here's what to do in a variety of social settings according to the feds.

Here's Canada's Guide For Safely Socializing Based On Your COVID-19 Vaccination Status

On Monday, July 12, Dr. Theresa Tam shared some guidance on how to "maximize protection" against COVID-19 even if you're fully vaccinated. The collection of health and safety advice from the Government of Canada breaks down what precautions you should use in various social settings based on your vaccination status.

If you are gathering outdoors with a small group of fully vaccinated individuals, the guide suggests that if you are not vaccinated or you are only partially vaccinated, you don't have to worry about wearing a mask or distancing as long as everyone is comfortable with that. If you're fully vaccinated, you don't need to wear a mask or distance.

If you're inside with a small group, the government says that vaccinated people don't need to wear masks or physically distance. This is the same of unvaccinated or partially vaccinated people, though this is only if everyone is comfortable and no one is at high risk of more severe outcomes from COVID-19.

In outdoor spaces with many people of all different vaccination statuses, the guide says that unvaccinated people should consider wearing a mask if they're unable to physically distance. In large indoor gatherings with people of various vaccination statuses, both masks and physical distancing are recommended for unvaccinated Canadians. Vaccinated individuals are also advised to wear masks in these settings if they are at risk for severe outcomes.

Regardless of the event, everyone is advised to follow local health mandates and the rules of the space or organizer.