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This Florida Cat’s Wild Fall Has Gone Viral On TikTok & We Can’t Stop Laughing (VIDEO)

On October 7, 2020, an account called yourcrystalshop posted a video to TikTok with the caption "Gary fell in the water!"

The video shows Gary the Florida cat taking a wild tumble off a dock and into the water only to then climb out and scream like a human person. If you're anything like us, you'll watch this video on repeat. 

Everything about the video is perfect, starting with the famous last words of the person filming "you've got this buddy" as Gary runs towards the land. 

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Gary does not, in fact, "got this." He takes a sharp left turn before the end of the dock and flies into the water. 

The owner says "oh sh*t" in a relatively unphased voice then asks "are you okay? Where are ya?"

Soon you hear Gary screaming from where he's resurfaced under the dock. It sounds like he's yelling "OW!" over and over. 

Finally, we see a shot of a soaking wet Gary and his owner tells him to come out so she can dry him off. 

Every single moment of this video is a plot twist and we can absolutely understand why it's got 6.5 million likes. Do yourself a favour and read the comment section. 

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