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Georgia Gem Mining In Helen Offers Geodes, Crystals & Gold For Only $12

The excitement of working diligently and coming across hidden gifts is almost addicting. Many people don't realize that Georgia actually has some pretty amazing treasures hidden beneath the soil and you can hunt for them yourself. If you're looking for a Georgia gem mining adventure, you have to check out this spot where you can dig and pan for geodes, gemstones, even gold.

Outpost Gold & Gem Mining Co. in the beautiful Helen, Georgia is a multi-faceted wonderland of hidden historical treasures just waiting for you to find them. You can mine for gems and fossils, pan for gold and crack open your own fascinating pre-historic geodes.

You definitely have to have a keen eye and a close attention to detail, but you don't need to break a sweat because Outpost provides buckets of dirt for you. All you have to do is dump the contents into a screened sifter, submerge them in water and pan for your hidden treasures. You're guaranteed to find plenty of precious jewels so you know your money won't go to waste.

Admission at Outpost, open year round, is free and mining buckets are super cheap!

Gallon buckets for fossils and gems are only $12. You might want to opt for the recently added Deluxe Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald bucket for only $15. They include rare gems like Aquamarine, Tourmaline, & Topaz.

Mine and pan to discover over 35 valuable crystals and minerals including gorgeous turquoise Amazonite, Amethyst, Quartz crystal and Desert Jasper. In terms of fossils, you'll find historical prizes like sand dollars, sharks teeth or "Devil's Toe Nail."

Wonderous, mysterious geodes are the perfect accent to any home decor theme. Mining and cracking them open is a lot more special than buying some from the store. Prices vary depending on size, but you're able break open your own rocks to reveal the mystical crystal caverns in the center. 

Don't forget about the famous North Georgia gold. The shiny treasures you'll uncover come from Outpost's exclusive Georgia Gold Rush Paydirt. With guaranteed gold in every bucket, you'll keep your valuable treasures in a cute souvenir bottle. 

If you want to turn your findings into an accessory or keepsake, the professionals on site can cut and polish your gems and crystals, turning them into jewels that can be worn as earrings, necklaces and more. There is also a giftshop filled with handcrafted works of art created from on-site treasures.

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Outpost Gold & Gem Mining Co.

Price: $12+

Address: 7901 S Main Street, Helen, GA 30545

Why You Need To Go: Experience an exciting mining adventure to discover and keep tons of gems, geodes, gold or fossils for only $12