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Elon Musk Cuddles His Newborn & Reveals The Sweet Nickname For Him (VIDEO)

Both Grimes & Musk have nicknames for baby X AE A-XII!

Incoming baby fever! Grimes and Elon Musk's newborn X AE A-XII looks totally smitten by his dad in a recent video posted by grandmother Maye Musk. It seems like the Tesla CEO even has his own nickname for the baby boy. 

Regina born model and dietician Maye shared a video this week showing off her son and grandson in a tender moment.

In the short clip, Musk is holding the newborn in his arms while X AE A-XII holds his father's pointer finger with his whole hand. 

"Do you know my voice? Does my voice sound familiar?" Musk asks his son. "Who am I? This is your dad speaking. Hello. Hello baby. Hello baby X."

Maye captioned the video, "Elon and X🥰🥰".

Musk's sweet nickname "baby X" is pretty similar to what Grimes revealed she calls him for short, "little X". 

Aside from nicknames, we've also gotten a few adorable snaps of the newborn.

The day after the baby's birth on May 4, the SpaceX CEO shared a first look photo and revealed his unique name with the world. 

A little while later, Vancouver born Grimes posted a video on her Instagram story of Musk holding baby X on his chest.

If you're still confused about how to say the three-part moniker, Musk explained that the super easy pronunciation is said "X Ash A 12". 

However, he and Grimes went through a few small changes in order to get the baby's name legally registered.

The newborn's original name X Æ A-12 was changed to X Æ A-II in order to comply with California law which doesn't allow numbers.

After that, a photo of the birth certificate released last week showed that the baby is legally registered under the first name "X", middle name "AE A-XII", and last name "Musk".

Also last week, Canadian citizen Musk got into some hot water when it was alleged that he had a threesome with Amber Heard and Cara Delevingne back in 2016.

However, he denied the accusations and said that he "recommend that everyone involved bury the hatchet and move on."