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These Canadian Alpacas Chilling In A Kiddie Pool Is What The World Needs Today (VIDEO)

It can sometimes seem like the summer heat is unavoidable. Even finding the right way to beat it can be difficult. At a Nova Scotia alpaca farm, some of the animals have seemed to figure out the best solution: take a dip in the kiddie pool.

In a July 22 Facebook post, Amherst resident Rick Goodwin shared photos and videos of alpacas and llamas on his farm cooling off with a dip and a spray.

"Hey Mom and dad it's too hot, can we play in the pool and will you spray us with water please. Rick and Joy's Funny farm Amherst NS. Anything for the kids," the post reads.

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The animals appear to just be chilling out on a sunny day as they get a spray from the hose. They even seem to be politely taking turns in the pool in one of the videos. That's how you know they're Canadian.

Eventually, one of them looks to have just taken the pool for itself, as seen in one of the photos. Heat can make anyone desperate, even an alpaca.

With Nova Scotia getting pretty hot this summer, this is the perfect solution for animals who don't really get the benefit of having air conditioning.

According to another post on Goodwin's Facebook page, the llamas and alpacas are the latest addition to his farm, having just arrived on July 9. The alpacas are named Jazz, Leo, Mindy, and Arthur, and the llamas are called Dolly and Lucy.

Canadian animals have been getting up to all sorts of stuff this summer.

Recently, a python got away from its owner in a Quebec neighbourhood. While it wasn't considered dangerous, it still has to be kind of unnerving to have a loose python slithering around somewhere.

There have also been a few instances where ducklings had to be rescued from sewers after they fell in. Luckily, the mother duck was willing to wait around until her kids were safe again.

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