There's already a lot to deal with this summer. Why not add a loose python to the list? Gatineau Police are on the lookout for one, although they assure people that the animal is harmless.

In a July 13 press release, the Gatineau Police Department wrote in French that a python may be slithering around somewhere in the Hautes-Plaines district of Hull. 

They said that the owner of the snake reported the animal missing last Friday, although it had already been gone for days beforehand.

The Gatineau Police confirmed to Narcity that as of the morning of July 14, the snake is still at large.

The owner caused some concern after putting up posters about his lost pet. To be fair, seeing a poster that says a python is loose in your neighbourhood would be pretty disconcerting.

Luckily for anyone who comes across the animal, Police say it is completely harmless.

They consulted with the local SPCA, and determined that the python (which is less than a metre long) won't attack if confronted, but rather roll up into a ball.

While residents have been assured that the snake poses no harm, they are warning people not to try and pick it up or handle it, as the particular species doesn't like to be touched.

This type of python is mostly nocturnal and could possibly be found in warm, cool, or humid places.

Anyone who spots the animal is asked to call 819-246-0222.

Canadian police have had a number of animal cases to deal with over the last few months.

In Ottawa, a coyote was terrorizing a single neighbourhood, chasing people down and attacking them. It was eventually taken down by police officers.

More recently the National Capital Commission was dealing with a black bear that had managed to escape from a cage in the Mud Lake Conservation Area before being caught and relocated.

Police in other areas have at least had the chance to deal with cuter, less dangerous animals, like rescuing ducklings from a sewer.