Ottawa Firefighters Rescued 4 Ducklings From A Sewer & Their Mama Was So Happy (VIDEO)

So wholesome!
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Ottawa Firefighters Rescued 4 Ducklings From A Sewer & Their Mama Was So Happy (VIDEO)

Ottawa just got a whole lot more wholesome! Local firefighters were on hand last week when a fluffy gang of ducklings got into some trouble. The rescuers were able to reunite the babies with their mama, and the adorable moment was captured on video.

On Sunday, June 25, fire officers at Ottawa’s Station 37 responded to reports that four little ducklings were stuck in a storm sewer.

After successfully negotiating the rescue, the local firefighters made it their mission to track-down the mama duck, who was probably missing her lost babies.

According to a Twitter post from Ottawa Fire Services, officers managed to find the mother duck in a nearby pond, and they were able to reunite the feathered family.

Even better, those involved in the rescue mission managed to capture the whole thing on camera, and the moment they all reunited is tear-jerkingly adorable!

Sharing the clip, the fire service asked, “Need a mid-week smile?”

The video shows the four tiny birds being gently plopped back into the local pond, after being pulled from the storm sewer.

Upon recognizing her babies, the mama duck comes racing towards them, and is clearly thrilled to have them back beside her again.

BRB, crying!

What makes the clip even more adorable is the excited squeaks and peeps the ducklings make when they see their mom again.

Responding to the Twitter post, one local shared a photo of a similar incident a few years earlier, when local police had helped another duck family cross a busy downtown street.

This isn’t the first time little ducklings have got lost in Ottawa’s storm drains.

Last year, police rescued a paddling of ducklings from a sewer near St. Laurent Shopping Centre. Thankfully, “the wet and cold duckies” were all fine after the ordeal, and were eventually reunited with their mama.

Residents of the capital are no strangers to wildlife rendezvous, but there have been some particularly unusual encounters recently.

Last month, an Ottawa local was stunned to find a moose on his property, just chilling out in his backyard pool.

Dinosaurs were even spotted in the nation's capital recently, walking their tiny dogs and minding their own business.

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