Jagmeet Singh Just Called The Nova Scotia Lobster Fire Terrorism

He also called out Trudeau's "empty words."
Nova Scotia Fire Called Terrorism By Jagmeet Singh On Twitter

"This is terrorism." Jagmeet Singh has strong words following a Nova Scotia fire that destroyed a lobster facility overnight. 

The NDP leader called out the situation on his Twitter and said that "the Mi'kmaq people desperately need help now." 

He also called out Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for not doing enough. 

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This is terrorism.

Jagmeet Singh

"No more empty words, @justintrudeau," Singh said. "This must be stopped." 

The large blaze engulfed the lobster compound located at 1065 Highway 335 shortly after midnight on October 17. 

It was so big that eight different departments and over 80 firefighters were called in to battle it. 

It's not yet clear what led to the fire but many, including Jagmeet Singh, suggest that it's related to ongoing conflict with Mi'kmaw fishers in Nova Scotia. 

A 1999 Supreme Court ruling determined that Mi'kmaw have treaty rights in the region which allow them to fish off-season as part of their livelihood. 

Lately, those fishers have been met with confrontations and even violence. 

Justin Trudeau recently weighed in on the situation at a press conference on Friday saying they want confirm that the RCMP there are doing their jobs and keeping everyone safe. 

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