One Of The World’s Biggest Winter Light Festivals Is Here In Canada & It’s So Freaking Sparkly
Dylaina Gollub | Glow Gardens Halifax, @travelpiggy | Instagram

Your holidays just got a whole lot sparklier! Glow Gardens in Halifax is one of the world's biggest winter lights festivals and it's the perfect place to countdown to Christmas.

Between November 24 and January 2, the Halifax Exhibition Centre will be transformed into a magical indoor exhibition featuring a million sparkling lights, gorgeous festive decor and a quirky winter market as well as food, beverages and entertainment.

The event first launched in Vancouver back in 2017 and has gone on to become the world's most iconic indoor Winter festival, lighting up 10 cities in three countries around the world. It came to Atlantic Canada for the first time in 2020.

While there are endless things to do here, the twinkling lights are undoubtedly the most beautiful. Visitors can stroll under the sparkle of 1 million lights through the Fairytale Christmas exhibit and snap the perfect winter pictures among the glowing bulbs.

There will be tons of photo backdrops to take selfies with too, and even LED swings that make for perfect illuminated pic opportunities.

One of the best things about this event is that it's all indoors, which means no more freezing outdoors trying to spot winter scenes!

Glow Gardens Halifax

Price: From $22.99 per adult

When: November 24, 2021 to January 2, 2022

Address: Halifax Exhibition Centre, 200 Prospect Rd., Goodwood, NS

Why You Need To Go: It's sparkly, festive and the perfect spot to take Instagram pics. What's not to love?!


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