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11 Extremely Christmassy Places In Canada That Have The Most Festive Names Ever

Canada might be the most festive country on Earth! 🎄

11 Extremely Christmassy Places In Canada That Have The Most Festive Names Ever

In some Canadian regions, it must be easy to feel festive all year round. That's because these are so many Christmassy places in Canada that have the most seasonal names imaginable!

Whatever province or territory you live in, you might be surprised to know that a seriously merry town could be right around the corner.

After all, it doesn't get more holiday-inspired than places like Winterland, Reindeer Station and Candyville, right?

Reindeer Station

Located in the Northwest Territories, this adorable spot has one of the most festive names imaginable. No word on whether there's actually any reindeer there, though!

Gift Lake

Gift Lake is a Metis settlement in northern Alberta, located along Highway 750. Can you think of a better spot in the world to exchange presents at Christmastime?


If you've got a sweet tooth, this Ontario town would be a perfect spot to get stuck eating your favourite holiday snacks.


This seasonal spot is located in Newfoundland and Labrador and it’s pretty appropriately named for a wintry Canadian town. If that wasn't unique enough, it's got a tiny population of just 390-ish!


This place isn't just totally Christmassy, it's also totally Canadian. As well as having a beautiful name, this Ontario town also claims to hold the largest and longest-running Family Hockey Tournament in Canada.


Could there be a better place on Earth to have a winter snowball fight than here? This hamlet is located in Ontario, just under an hour away from Toronto.


It's the name of a Quebec hospital, rather than a specific region name, but there's no way "L'Enfant-Jésus" was getting left off this list!

Sled Lake

Sled Lake is a northern settlement, located in Northern Saskatchewan. If its name wasn’t seasonal enough, it’s also a very cold and snowy spot. Pretty festive, eh?

Cranberry Junction

Cranberry Junction is located in northwestern British Columbia. With a name like that, it would be a true joy to enjoy a holiday-inspired meal here.

Star City

It's hard to believe this is a real place name, but it is here in Canada. Located two hours from Saskatoon, this spot calls itself “the brightest little city in the West!"

Christmas Island

Canada's Christmas Island is located in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. According to CBC News, it gets bombarded with Christmas cards every year from places all over the world. They get sent here to receive a special Christmas Island stamp, before heading to their final destination. Aw!

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Is there anywhere in the world more perfect during the holidays? There are countless Christmassy places in Canada to enjoy the sparkly season, whether you're travelling or celebrating at home.

From romantic, tiny towns and magical ski villages to holiday light trails, northern lights displays and one-of-a-kind festive boat parades, these spots should be on absolutely everybody's winter bucket list.

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