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This Futuristic 3-Storey Mini-Mansion In Nova Scotia Is Straight Out Of The Year 3000

It's listed for less than $800K.

Every once and a while, a house comes along that is so modern it looks like it belongs in the future. This mini-mansion in Nova Scotia is a prime example. 

The large three-storey house is the definition of modern inside and out, and the best part is you get it for less than $800,000. 

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A Jaw-Dropping Private Peninsula In Nova Scotia Costs As Much As An Average Toronto House

Talk about luxury!

Imagine if you could have your own private peninsula for the price of a house! Well if you're willing to head east, you can. 

This breathtaking property in Dayspring, Nova Scotia is listed for $1,595,000. While that's not the smallest sum, when you consider that the average price for a three-bedroom house in Toronto is $1.4 million, you realize how much bang you can get for your buck. 

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You Can Actually Buy Super Nice Houses For Less Than $200k All Across Nova Scotia (PHOTOS)

Rent in Toronto can cost more than these mortgages!

Imagine being able to buy a nice house without breaking the bank. Turns out in one Atlantic province, you can! In Nova Scotia, houses for under $200,000 can be super nice and modern. 

While other parts of the country may have you expecting a total tear-down for that price tag, we've found seven move-in ready houses in the Maritime region that will give the most bang for your buck.

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This Huge House For Sale With Grapevines In Nova Scotia Is A Winery Waiting To Happen

Rosé all day! 🥂

This is the dream!

house for sale in Nova Scotia comes with rows upon rows of grapevines and it's a winery just waiting to happen. If you buy the place you could make your own wine and do tours and tastings.

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There's A House From The 1700s For Sale In Nova Scotia That's Also A Full-On Restaurant

Talk about working from home!

So unique and so historic! This house for sale in Nova Scotia was built back in the 1700s for a free black woman and it's both a house and a full-on restaurant now. If you bought it and kept it as a restaurant you'd truly be working from home all the time.

The Hatfield House in Tusket, Nova Scotia is on the market for $648,000.

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This Huge Nova Scotia House Has Waterfront Views & Is Cheaper Than A Toronto Home

You can watch the boats go by! ⛵️

Waterfront views are practically what anyone would want out of a home. However, they can also drive prices up. Luckily, there is a gorgeous Nova Scotia house for sale with a boat-filled vista that costs less than the average Toronto dwelling.

The property at 204 Spinnaker Drive in Halifax is an inviting 2,200 square foot residence that offers four bedrooms and three-and-a-half baths.

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